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Links History

In the fall of 1987, Dr. Elma H. Mardis and Emma H. Stotts organized a service organization called River City Sette. This group was comprised of 30 women of diverse backgrounds, interests, and talents that came together with the purpose of providing service for underprivileged youth in the greater Memphis community. Being fully aware of the high ideals and commitment to service exemplified by the national body of The Links, Incorporated, the membership voted to seek avenues for entry into that national body.


After serving as an interest group, the River City Sette celebrated induction into Linkdom on Saturday, May 15, 1993, at the historic Peabody Hotel in Memphis, Tennessee. The River City (TN) Chapter became the third chapter in Memphis, the tenth in the state of Tennessee and the two hundred and forty-fourth chapter in the Central Region. National President, Marion Schulz Sutherland and Chapter Establishment Officer, Marion Sweeney installed twenty-one charter members. Charter members were Dr. Elma H. Mardis, president; Lorraine P. Bell, Josephine A. Bennett, Lanetha C. Branch, Shirley P. Cobbins, Dorothy B. Evans, Rose Jackson Flenorl, Norma F. Griffin, Cora L. Hardy, Molly P. Long, Mary R. Lowery, Edith H. Powers, Inetta F. Rogers, Melanie M. Stafford, Emma H. Stotts, Margaret H. Strong, Charlene M. Turner, Gwendolyn Washington-Jones, Dr. Joyce B. Weddington, Jewel G. Wilburn and Bobbie J. Worthy. Beverly C. Robertson and Sara L. Lewis were inducted at a later date in 1993.


The past presidents of River City (TN) Chapter are Dr. Elma H. Mardis, Charlene M. Turner, Norma F. Griffin, Martha P. Beard, Beverly C. Robertson, Carolyn F. Bishop, Dr. Charlotte M. Freeman, Dr. Inetta F. Rogers, Carla Stotts-Hills and Gale Jones Carson.


The River City (TN) Chapter of The Links, Incorporated demonstrates an ongoing commitment to the Memphis community through its partnerships and projects that enrich the lives of fellow citizens.



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